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Use NEP’s technological integration systems to effortlessly gain potential recruits’ attention, while showcasing what makes your agency, city, and family of coworkers the best place to live and work for. Why Us? NEP has over 25 years of experience building/maintaining Recruitment, Department, & Association websites. We now work with over 450 organizations nationwide.

Why Your Agency?

Why do recruitment/lateral candidates choose a specific agency to work for?

How are your agencies onboarding/hiring processes compared to others?

Are they guided through the application as well as the hiring process by a real person?

Or are they contacted for the first time 6-8 weeks after the government portal has accepted them?

In most cases, that lateral/recruit will have found another agency to work for.

Fullerton Police Recruitment

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“Our POA has had a long standing business relationship with NEP, so it was a natural for us to reach out to them for our new recruiting website and we could not be happier. NEP took our ideas to a whole new level and the website is the cornerstone of our recruiting campaign.”
John Ema, Personnel & Training Sergeant - Fullerton PD

Fullerton's Process

The process in designing, building and maintaining the Fullerton PD's Recruitment page was straightforward. They hired us to do all of their logo's and graphics.
From there, once we had those finalized, we met with their recruitment team to explore their biggest pain points. We then strategized and were able to identify what computer automated systems we would need to incorporate to make their jobs more efficient and effective.
Their main objective was to make the recruits user experience as simple and as easy as possible. Their second largest objective was to have the ability to follow up with their potential recruits via text/email/call before they're directed to the government portal to apply. We all know those government portals are tough to navigate so this ensured the PD that they could follow up with these individuals every week.
The largest hurdle we've found in recruiting is the disconnect between the application and hiring process, hence the reason why we've put these systems in place for our clients; to eliminate that issue which results in the PD's filling their rosters, saving the city potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime pay.