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The importance of information security for law enforcement fundraising efforts


When it comes to the security of our information, we in the law enforcement family have an extra need due to the targeted nature of our professions. Unfortunately, there are individuals whose goal is to specifically target law enforcement professionals. They can be specifically targeted via online attacks, or even worse, attempts to physically harm an officer and their family. This is why it is of the utmost importance that the information we provide online is transacted through reputable corporations and is not being shared to third-party companies.

This particularly rings true when it comes to online fundraising sites. I suggest looking at Terms of Service agreements from popular fundraising websites, because you will most likely see something similar to this:

“If you provide “personal data” […] to the Services, you acknowledge and agree that such personal data may be transferred from your current location to our offices…and the authorized third parties referred to herein.”

The more places your information is being sent to, the more susceptible it is to being hacked and taken. Online crowdfunding is an excellent tool to raise funds effectively for those you care about, but you must first realize that most sites “re-sell” or share your data among large data providers nationally. Fundraising websites may have the highest security for your information, but once they send it to a third-party, their security goes out the window.  Hackers feed off donation services because of all the wealth of information you are providing - your name, address, credit card information, etc.

“One of the largest misconceptions about free platforms is that they are truly “free.” Your activity and information is tracked, monitored, stored, and resold to large institutional data providers. Law Enforcement should be wary, and carefully review free crowdfunding platforms before making a donation. Every additional keystroke amplifies the risk your personal online profile holds if it were to be hacked. If you don’t own it, you will lose it.” – Stacey Yudin

Our proprietary software we use for our fundraising efforts is equipped with top of the line encryption and military-grade security – and we never share your information to third-parties. We understand the importance of keeping the information of law enforcement and their families as safe as possible, we have too many tragic incidents involving law enforcement seemingly every week. We do the absolute most to make sure our services will never be the cause of one of those tragedies. All without taking one cent of the donations from the families who need them.

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