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Our Hearts Are With #Harvey



Hurricane Harvey has taken the hearts of the nation by storm. The tropical storm that has consumed Houston and surrounding areas of Texas continues to grow in size as the rain continues to fall. NEP Services, from the bottom of our hearts, thank the first responders that have been assisting in the rescue and relief efforts. Many of our locals have sent resources, both from inside and out of the great state of Texas. NEP stands with you and we pray for a safe deployment. 

It brings us pride to work with such noble, selfless people. This horrific storm has showed us just how much our first responders care - they go out to help anyone, anywhere at any time and in anyway they can. Many firefighters are part of state and federal task forces which came to light after the effects of 9/11. It is great to see these teams doing what they train for - going out to help those during mass disaster.

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Our hearts are heavy and full of hope for everyone suffering in Texas and Louisiana.

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