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Never Forget 9/11



The horrific events of 9/11 forever changed the course of the United States forever. NEP Services takes this time, as we do all year, to remember the courage, honor, bravery and sacrifice of our first responders. Many lives were lost that day but so many more were saved by the brave efforts of these first responders. Now, 16 years later, these same responders are contracting cancers and dying at an alarming rate. The attack 16 years ago may have changed the skyline in New York City, it also showcased the dedication of the public safety community. We are so incredibly grateful for those that put strangers before themselves in a time of unthinkable horror. The attacks on 9/11 may have been 16 years ago today, but we will NEVER FORGET.

NEP Prays For Las Vegas
9/11 Letter

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