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NEP Visits Central Marin POA

Kobea Mike Stacey Central Marin POA



NEP team members Stacey and Kobea meet with Mike with the Central Marin Police Officers Association.  Mike is a long time friend and we are grateful to be working with such a great guy and great group of officers.




Mike meeting Julian Central Marin POA



During our lunch, Corporal Mike Mejia notices a young man struggling with carrying three glasses of water. Mike’s immediately gets up and offers to help the young man and introduces himself.  The young man, excitedly introduces himself as Julian. Julian and Mike make their way to the table where Julian’s grandmother is waiting.  Mike introduces himself to everyone at the table.  Then he offers that Julian could come down to the precinct and Mike would show him around. Julian’s face lights up with excitement and asks if he can do that.  



Mike Julian grandma



Mike will be taking Julian on his first tour of the precedent in the coming days. It was a big deal to Julian and his grandmother, to Mike it was another day in the line of duty.  It’s all about serving the community!  

This is why we love what we do!  We get to partner with first responders who spend their careers giving back to the communities they work for.  It is a privilege to work with you Mike and the Central Marin POA.


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NEP meets K-9 officer from Daly City

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