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Introducing Signal 12 By NEP Websites

Introducing Signal 12 By NEP Websites

You have enough to worry about as an association board member. The last thing you need to try to learn is how to be a webmaster as well. There's a reason why web developers exist and are masters of their craft. Just as you know how to do everything from make an arrest to negotiate a contract, web developers are masters of their work as well.

We designed our police association websites with same key principals in mind, such as;

  • An average person should be able to update the website by a mere simple login procedure
  • Only one step should be completed to update a myriad of communication tools
  • The website has to cater to the masses by integrating with a variety of social media
  • Although it is easy to update, it has to maintain a professionally designed appearance. After about a year of research and development, the design crew at NEP Websites came up with Signal 12. We came up with the name after we realized there were 12 communication platforms updated or connected to one simple step done by our customer. By simply logging in to the members' area of the website, a board member can.

Enter Signal 12

After much research and development, we came up with a fancy name which envelopes all of our features in one place. We call it Signal 12, and it is being rolled out on most of our customer's websites, for free.

  1. Create an article for either the public or the membership
  2. Update Google+
  3. Update Facebook
  4. Update Twitter
  5. Update Nixle
  6. Update LinkedIn
  7. Update the RSS feed
  8. Connect with their forum
  9. Connect with the viewer thru the comment system
  10. Automatically generate an email newsletter
  11. Generate news articles by merely sending an email to the website
  12. Receive automated content to refresh their site from NENEP Websites is the only one who integrates Signal 12 into their websites. Our competitors probably think we're crazy for including all of these features in a website which is half the price of the websites they design. In fact, we're pretty confident they are not too happy with what we are doing.

No One Else Offers A System Like Ours

Which leads us to the greatest weapon we have in our toolbox. We are staffed by active and retired police officers. Our staff speaks the same language you do, and we have sat at the negotiation table before. We know you have to have a strong voice, and any tool which helps you garner the support of your community, is a great tool to have.

So if you are ready to bring the power of Signal 12 to your association today, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our sales staff. We'll even let you take a website out for a test drive before you make your decision.

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