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Fullerton POA Signs With NEP

Fullerton POA Signs With NEP

Fullerton, CA - On September 24, 2012, members of the Fullerton Police Officers’ Association met with the staff of NEP to complete their contract for both mailer and website services. Fullerton’s POA President, Detective Barry Coffman, and board member, Corporal Stewart Hamilton, spoke with NEP’s CEO, Drew Howitt, and NEP’s Lead Web Developer, Mike Bires, about the services their association was seeking.

The Fullerton POA’s situation is unique, as their department has been the subject of intense media, political and community scrutiny, due to a highly publicized incident. Detective Coffman and Corporal Hamilton know of the many positive acts and services their POA completes in and for their community, and they wish to continue this level of support to both their members, and the residents and business owners of Fullerton.

The Fullerton POA is fortunate to have a high many supporters in their community, who also recognize their good works. Through the use of positive print media, as well as the advent of a new, highly interactive website, the FPOA intends on extending their reach to the community. NEP is proud to be a friend, ally and supporter of the FPOA.

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