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Emergency Response Support

NEP Services is the industry leader in brand management for Law Enforcement Associations through our secure, responsive and informative websites, our direct mail fundraising, our political outreach programs and social media. NEP also offers an Emergency Response Support Team in addition to the other services we provide.

On July 7, 2016, Dallas witnessed the most horrific attack on law enforcement since 9/11. During this emergency situation, NEP was able to utilize our advanced notification system to stay up-to-date on the events in Dallas as they unfolded. This allowed for us to share the most current details on our client’s social media platforms minute by minute.
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In addition, we also have our First Responder Fundraising platform for emergency fundraising. With this, we were able to add emergency fundraising pages to our clients websites and social media in order to facilitate donations to support the families of the fallen officers and the injured officers. This service allowed for NEP to quickly implement emergency fundraising for any emergency situation in a timely manner. NEP chooses to do this so our current clients can focus on their emergent needs and leave the fundraising to us.

Finally, NEP’s monitoring systems allowed us to not only share details of the emergency as it unfolded, but also allowed us to inform the public of the welfare of the wounded officers, the memorial services for the fallen officers, the candle light vigils and more.

NEP’s Emergency Response Support Team also actively monitors all the news following the emergency to keep our client’s social media followers up-to-date on all current and relevant information as it unfolds.
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