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Defenzia "M09 Less Lethal Multipurpose"

Today at NEP we had the honor to talk with Defenzia and its Managing Member F. Leao Gitirana. Also joining in the meeting from Costa Mesa Police Association Detectives Monte Peters, D. Sevilla, Jake Jacobi. Leao Gitirana talk about his less lethal tool for law enforcement the Defenzia M09 which is already deployed in five countries. “We propose to enable law enforcement gradual and proportionate use of force, dramatically reducing cases where the use of lethal firearms are necessary. We believe that the concept of Less-Lethal force leads to respect for human rights and the preservation of life, while protecting the physical integrity of law enforcement staff and the civilian population.” -Defenzia

The Defenzia M09 is for law enforcement use only although they do have a civilian model “The Defenzia M11”. The M09 is effective at 90ft much shorter than the already non-lethal Taser that law enforcement uses. The M09 has a four shot capability that fires five different types of ammunition. It fires a .55 Caliber Rubber Bullet, Flashbang, Pepper gel, illumination/ Sky candle and a signal flare (250ft altitude, 300ft dome of light) that comes in red, yellow and green. The Electronic Firing Mechanism is non battery operated that never has to charge leaving the user worry free of it not functioning in the line of duty. Not to mention is has an integrated laser sight that turns on when you grab the handle of the M09 to aim down its sight. Always amazing to see people working to keep law enforcement safe and even better when a product has non-lethal force.IMG_7543.jpg

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