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Connecting you with your Community

Here at NEP Services, we understand that our clients do more than just put on a badge and a uniform, they go above and beyond  to serve and protect the communities they work in... just because they care.

A good example of this is The Rocklin Police Officers’ Association.

The Rocklin Police Department encourages their officers to support their local lemonade stands run by young kids in their community.  The Chief of Police will match whatever the officers spend. So as usual, when a few officers saw a little girl with a lemonade stand,  they pulled over and bought some lemonade.  While they were there, they learned that Taylor, the 6-year-old running the lemonade stand, was trying to raise money for children who have cancer.  Taylor is also fighting cancer herself, yet she spends a lot of her time doing things for others.  Therefore, the Rocklin Police officers decided to do something special for Taylor and create a safe place where she could play and enjoy being a kid and not have to worry about getting sick or being exposed to funguses or viruses.  
Taylors Yard Finished

The Rocklin Police Officers decided to overhaul Taylor’s backyard, which was rundown and overgrown with weeds as the family focused more on their beloved daughter rather than fixing up their backyard. The Rocklin Police Officers Association asked the community for help by giving donations of materials and volunteering to remodel their backyard.

During this time, NEP was able  to assist the Rocklin POA by writing articles and posting them on their website and social media to help get the word out.  NEP reached out to the local news media and shared the Rocklin POA’s goal and assisted in getting the story covered in the news.  In the end, the Rocklin POA was able to raise enough money, materials and volunteers that they were successful in rebuilding Taylor's backyard.

Our main goal at NEP is to better connect our clients within their communities and to help each of their locals learn about how their  Police Association can give back to the those they protect and serve.

To read more about how Rocklin POA helped Taylor and other ways they have given back to their community, Click Here
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