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Automated Newsletters For Your Website

Automated Newsletters For Your Website

NEP Websites has found it is just as important to have an automated newsletter feature, as it is to publish information on the various social media venues.

What It Does

When our client creates an article on your website, the information gets stored in our newsletter program.  Depending on the settings elected by both our clients and their project manager, an emailed newsletter gets sent out to our client's supporters. 

What Benefit Is It?

The email sent to our client's supporters only contains a small portion of the article.  We do this on purpose. 

First, we hope it draws the supporter back to the association's website.  Once there, the supporter may be inclined to purchase that t-shirt or enter the charity golf tournament that may be coming up. 

Second, if the supporter has forwarded the email to a friend, we hope it will draw them to our client's website as well.

Set aside from drawing new supporters, the benefit of an automated newsletter allows our client's to capture their supporter's email addresses.  This can be beneficial in gaining support when our client is at a city council meeting defending their recent contract, and they need people to stand with them.

How To Do It?

If you are building your own website, look for "automated newsletter software" during a web search.  Of course, you will want to make sure the software you purchase works with the platform you are building your website on.  For example, you wouldn't want a Joomla piece of software for your Dreamweaver website.

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